Our program of ending homelessness is called Housed like the Foundation itself, because an apartment is the first step in this process. We implement the housing first methodfor those struggling with homelessness. We begin with guaranteeing an apartment, which is a tool, not a reward nor a goal.
Our clients are individuals who have experienced long-term homelessness along with mental illness and/or addiction.


housing first?



The possibility for our clients to make independent choices
regarding their lives.



The process of achieving mental and physical



focused on tending to the individual needs
of our clients.


integracja społeczna

Made possible thanks to living in the local community and in ‘scattered’ apartments.


We renovate and furnish apartments, ensuring basic standards of living conditions. In the initial phase, we cover the cost of living, which gradually is transferred to become the client’s responsibility. For this reason, we must raise funds from individual donors and companies. Our measurable results prove why it’s worth it.
An interdisciplinary team leads work in apartments, which helps the project Participant in defining and meeting their needs and goals, particularly those related to: zespół interdyscyplinarny polega na wzmacnianiu Uczestnika/czki Projektu w określaniu i realizacji potrzeb i celów związanych w szczególności z:

An apartment is the first step in our work of transitioning our clients out of homelessness. Having a safe home helps them make decisions not based on basic survival on the streets but on building their own lives, expressing their needs, independent decisions and taking responsibility for their own lives. In the full cost całkowicie of maintaining the apartment, after which our clients become independent renters. An interdisciplinary team prepares them for this stage of independent living. Contact with the client doesn’t end at the moment of independence. The clients know that the Team is around and that they could come for help/advice at any time, or also just to talk, spend time together. They can also always take part in the events offered in the Kick-Starter.

renovated apartments


Addiction therapists and psychologists provide psychological and emotional support on a daily basis, as well as in crisis situations. Therapy support includes: supporting a person to handle daily difficulties, normalizing symptoms of mental illness, psychoeducation, diagnosing struggles expressed by the individual, working in harm reduction and/or crisis intervention, building a safe and corrective relationship, building a model for and practicing simple psychological techniques to cope with stress and/or other struggles through motivational dialogue, relaxation, cognitive, and behavioral techniques, supporting the client in following medical recommendations, informing participants about preventative and treatment options for their individual health needs, and support in utilizing the available healthcare system.


This help is intended to arrange various forms of available social assistance, such as persistent, specific or periodic benefits, pensions, retirement benefits, insurance, as well as in obtaining a rental contract. Legal support deals with helping a person make decisions regarding various legal issues, resolve legal problems, and settle legal situations, educating them on using available legal tools and forms of support.


This help involves discussing health-related struggles that have been reported, including explaining diagnoses, analyzing symptoms, preventative health care, discussing doctor’s recommendations and support in implementing them, accompaniment to medical appointments when necessary and discussing the visit afterwards, explaining medical language, assistance in organizing necessary actions to care for one’s health.


This is support of a “handy man” who helps with repairs, small renovations, teaches how to use equipment and how to settle into the apartment.